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D2D Logis: The Story Behind the Name

When we made the decision to enter the delivery industry, we were absolutely certain that this was the business for us. We, the founders and owners, possessed a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills from other industries that we believed were transferable and could be leveraged for the benefit of this new venture. One half of the team actually joined a major company as an entry-level driver to gain experience and to learn the business from within.

What we did not have at the time we said “yes, let’s go for it” to this industry was a name for our fledgling company. There were two other names that we carefully considered but shelfed it for good. For the first six months before we settled on our name, we represented ourselves as only aspiring delivery services business owners and doled out a simple business card that contained only our names and contact information printed on it.

As described throughout this website, D2D Logis is short for “door to door logistics”.

D2D, short for “door to door”, describes how our team members serve customers at their door, one customer at a time. Logis is short for logistics, a word that is generally defined as “the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation”. Placed side-by-side, the name speaks to our mission to constantly improve on and to continually make efficient the entire delivery process in order to increase productivity, decrease waste and save time all the while maintaining superb customer satisfaction.

The name, however, is much more nuanced than this. It is a metaphor for hard we toiled and struggled to eventually achieve our first real break in this incredibly competitive.

Months before we settled on the name, we put a list together of as many industry professionals then proceeded to contact as many of them as we could. Roughly 90 percent of these people were too busy and did not have any time for us. Of the remaining ten percent, only one person agreed to make time for us to meet in person. But even after this information session, we still did not get our break. It took another three months and hundreds more calls, many times to the same people, to finally get our first delivery route.

On the day of receiving this news, and after breathing a sign of relief we reminisced about how long it took us to get here that it felt like we went “door to door” to literally any company that would listen, reasoning with them why our two-person company would be of value. We then substituted the "to" for the number two which represents both founders. As for the word "logistics", bugs was the focal point. We are always looking to improve by removing or preventing any bugs--an information technology word for error, fault or flaw--from disrupting our operations and so the "ticks" from the logistics was dropped.

This is how we eventually came to embrace the D2D Logis and we hope you too will see how this name represents our mission to create the best possible delivery experience for our customers and clients.

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