Delivery Man


Welcome to D2D Logis

Thank you for visiting us today. We are D2D Logis (short for "door to door logistics"), a last mile delivery services company in Japan.

Delivery jobs in Japan and what it's all about:

Delivering in Japan is more than just delivering packages to customers. Delivery personnel are the unsung heroes of every community, getting essential supplies and products to those in need in the most convenient way possible. Drivers also see a side of Japan that most public transport commuters don't see - interaction with real people from all walks of life, a rich experience that compliments one's language and cultural education and a meaningful way to make a positive contribution to society.

Delivering in Japan can be challenging because of a work terrain that consists of an antiquated address system that is modernizing at a painfully slow pace, narrow streets, hills, flight upon flight of stairs, swarms of passing pedestrians, towering mansions and pockets of farmland in between. As with any job however, once one has learned the process and become familiar with the work environment, the work tends to get easier.  Do you have what it takes to delivery results and get the job done?

Explore our website and see for yourself whether this job works for you. Thank you.